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Modernises systems
Creates cloud-native applications
Creates cloud-native
Makes customers happy :)
Our multidisciplinary teams will design, build and transform your ideas into flexible digital products. Continuous development as a Service

We work with

Working with Levarne means:

Improve the customer experience with modern technology
Innovate with new, flexibel digital products
Increase your software development opportunities so that you can implement adjustments quickly
Optimise the benefits of the cloud such as cost savings, speed and flexibility

"The collaboration with Levarne is excellent. It is a young, but very driven team of experts. They are always there for you and think along with the client. This saves time and ensures that the end product is delivered properly."

Pieter Bijnen
Director Foundation Golf Team Holland

"When you choose to work with Levarne, you choose a team that delivers the best for you with energy and ambition. They guarantee the continuity of the delivery of IT without compromising on quality. Nice cooperation!"

Andrew Citroen
Managing Director

"Great company to work with. The team consists of professionals with a passion for software development. Promises are kept, they think along with the client and the quality is very high. The involvement and communication is very pleasant. We really see Levarne as a partner."

Paul Beusekamp
IT Manager

Which roles do we define?

In order to achieve a concrete result, we work together from different disciplines to enrich our strength and knowledge.

Code guru
A code guru has at least 1 year of experience in programming serverless frameworks.
Project hero
With a combination of empathic power and communicative skills supporting the gurus.
Basic knowledge of front-end and back-end development. Communication proxy between the translation of customer dreams into significant results.
Cloud architect
Evolved from a certified serverless guru to a serverless cloud architect.
Serverless guru
Started as a Code guru but with at least more than 2 years experience on multiple cloud providers.
UI/UX wizard
Creative mind with the skillset to translate ideas and stories into visual dreams.
Basic knowledge of front-end frameworks and development. Extensive knowledge in the design process of responsive web applications. Specialized in designing intuitive user flows in applications.
Service desk
Active on Jira, solving customer problems as quickly as possible.
Jira support desk expert, trained in performing a functional and technical triage. Asking further questions and documenting user questions with the main focus on solving issues quickly. A great communicator for complex issues.
Data analyst
Gives valuable insights with their knowledge of AI.
They're concerned with collecting and checking data in order to process it into information. With strong focus on artificial intelligence and predictability with calculation models. The data processed by a Data analyst provide insights and added value for our customers' product services.
Robot Rik
Our one and only office manager and promoter of Webpack & Firebase. Classy!
At Levarne we have our own office manager, Rik. He helps us to automate all boring recurring tasks.

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